alberto morales

I'm a Graphic Designer and content creator from Utah, with fourteen years of experience in crafting and designing social media content.

Furthermore, I've collaborated with over two dozen brands on YouTube throughout my career: Skillshare, Squarespace, MotionVFX, Grammarly, Storyblocks, Wix, Epidemic Sound, and Pixel Film Studios.

In 2018, I joined a team of creators out of Los Angeles to help with Full Send (an entertainment e-commerce company) and Happy Dad Seltzer (a new seltzer gaining rapid prominence nationwide–now in Canada).

My focus involves creating social media marketing materials, designing stationary graphics and conceptualizing innovative marketing ads for both Full Send and Happy Dad Seltzer.

In addition to the brand, I design branding materials with the help of other creators on the team for the Full Send Podcast, including a host of other channels: Druski, A Safe Place Podcast, and One Night With Steiny.

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