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20 Dreamy Retro Color Grading LUTS

20 Dreamy Retro Color Grading LUTS

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If you ever wanted to get a vintage retro look to your videos then you can easily apply one of 20 unique color grading LUT .cube files. Once you apply the LUT onto your video you can then change the strength with the opacity slider on your editing program.

Lut Pack includes:

- After Hours Lut
- Berry Faygo Lut
- Cloudy Skies Lut
- Lucid Dreams Lut
- Nuketown Lut
- Rose Colored Glasses Lut
- Velvet Lut
- Vice City Lut
- Just Landed Lut
- Cold July Lut
- Nostalgia Lut
- Route 66 Lut
- Tradition Lut
- Negroni Lut
- Passionfruit Lut
- Sherbet Lut
- Golden Hour Lut
- Stored Memories Lut
- Deju Vu Lut
- Matrix Lut


Works with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and any editing software that allows you to import LUT cube files.

These high quality LUTS can COMPLETELY change the look of your videos with a single click. 
Save time and energy with this sick pack! Check out the before and after examples.

*NOTE: If you filmed or are working with a flat color profile (such as LOG), I recommend reducing the shadows in your editing program to achieve a deeper and richer color with the LUT files.

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the matrix lut


cloudy skies lut


golden hour lut


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